Partner FAQ


Partner with FinVizer (PWF) is a program that enables you to list and sell your product on

Selling on is easy. First you list your profile with and indicate the services that you want to sell on marketplace. Customer sees your profile and makes a purchase. FinVizer will schedule the customer consultation with you and provide you will all the relevant information.

You will generate the required financial planning product and obtain the customer signoff on the final submitted financial plan. FinVizer will deposit the funds within 7 days into your bank account after deducting our fees, subject to no negative feedback from the customer.

You can sell items in the following categories: General Financial Checkup, Basic products ( annual income less than 10 lakhs), Intermediate products ( annual income more than 10 lakh but less then 50 lakh), Advanced Products ( annual income more than 50 lakh) Please note that certain categories are restricted and require prior approval before you can start selling.

You don’t need a website to start selling on marketplace. Once you complete registration, you will have access to our Partnership team which will take care of listing your products on

Please complete the Partner Listing form. You will need the following information to register

  •  Your company details
  •  Your contact details – email and phone number
  • Basic information about your business
  • VAT/CST/Service tax Details are NOT mandatory and need to be provided after registration

Fees and Charges

We charge you when you get an order. FinVizer charges a fixed percentage of the final sale price to the customer. Our fees depend on a variety of factors, so please contact our Partnership team to know more. You can also email us at partner (at) for more details.

You are free to cancel anytime.

FinVizer will disburse payments to your bank account once a week. You will be eligible to get paid for the order 7 days after the order is confirmed as delivered and there are no customer complaints.