Test Retirement Plan

What is the importance of retirement planning ?

As the growth of big cities and metros going high day by day due to high living standard, job, lifestyle people wants that results into high demand of retirement planning in India. Currently 65% of Indian population is below 35 years and in the next 20-25 years, this young population would be near to the retirement. People who are already working already and aged between 30-40 years are looking to find a stable income after their service period is over. These are the few reasons due to which retirement planning or pension planning is more required than any other goal.

Advantages of Retirement Plan/Pension plan

The financial planner will undertake “Retirement Planning” for individual clients relating to:

  • Your current income and expenses
  • Your current lifestyle and future expectations
  • Your current asset and liability mix
  • Future income and expenses
  • Estimation of future medical costs, EMI, rental expense, living expenses

FinVizer Retirement Plan

The FinVizer financial planner will provide customized retirement planning services based on your current and future cashflows, age, medical conditions and target retirement lifestyle. Retirement plan is the analysis and allocation of your current finances to meet your future requirements after retirement. The planner analyzes the complete financial structure which includes income, expense, assets, liabilities, etc, identifies the future incomes and expenses and comes up with a sustainable layout i.e., a plan that requires an action to get returns after retirement. Retirement planning is a powerful tool to secure one’s future and enjoy some good incomes that will help you fulfill your medical, rental or living needs and continue your lifestyle even after retirement.

Output: The retirement planner will develop and deliver to you a customized retirement plan based on your current and future cashflows, age, medical conditions and target retirement lifestyle. The planner will advise the client where s/he should invest or allocate the income so that a good amount of returns can be enjoyed post-retirement.

Please note that the plan will be done based on the information provided by you. Hence you are advised to provide complete and detailed financial information about yourself and your family.

Day 1

On purchase of this product, a requisition list (list will be detailing the required documents) will be shared with you.

Day 2

You will digitally submit the documents as per requisition list.

Day 3

Within 4 working days, you will receive a confirmed appointment with your financial planner, along with preliminary views (if possible) on the product.

Day 4

And your final product will be shared within 3 working days from the submission of last set of additional documents (if any) by you.