Technical Requirements – Video Consultation

In case of any questions about the Technical Requirements, please email –

  1. Video consultation is currently supported ONLY in the web interface, so please use your laptop or desktop for the same.
  2. You can test out your audio and video connection using Skype. Just log in to Skype,30 minutes before your appointment time and make a test call. If your audio and video work on Skype, they will mostly work on FinVizer’s video conferencing platform.
  3. FinVizer video consultation is currently supported ONLY in the below browsers:
    1. Google Chrome (latest release version) — HTTPS only
    2. Opera (latest release version)
    3. Firefox (latest release version)
    4. Internet Explorer 10 and 11 with special Plugin
    5. Microsoft Edge 15+ — beta support. Currently, Edge is only supported in relayed sessions; it is not supported in routed sessions.
    6. Safari Browser Support (beta): The upcoming Safari 11 browser for Mac and iOS will be compatible with WebRTC. You can now test this new functionality with the latest beta version
    7. Google Chrome for Android (latest release version) — HTTPS only
    8. Firefox for Android (latest release version)
  4. Mobile is NOT supported for video consultation as of now. We are working on adding this feature shortly.
  5. Please make sure you are using a good and fast broadband connection, as the quality of video and audio streaming will be determined by that.
  6. If possible, please use a LAN wired connection in place of Wifi connection.
  7. Please be available in a quiet place with good lighting, so that you are NOT disturbed during the video consultation. Your time is very valuable and so is the time of our financial planner.
  8. If possible, please use a good headphone with mic. It improves the quality of the conversation quite a bit.
  9. It is recommended to login to your assigned video conference room, at least 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment. This will give you time to test if everything is working fine.
  10. The video conferencing window also has controls to mute the audio/video feed.