FinVizer provides a comprehensive financial planning & advisory platform connecting consumers to an independent, qualified and experienced personal financial planner. We offer the complete range of financial planning products from beginner products like basic tax planning to advanced products like estate planning, all under one roof.

FinVizer’s vision is to help secure your future through scientific financial planning. Our aim is to remove the information asymmetry that exists today and empower consumers to make the right choice by providing accurate financial planning information and affordable professional advice, thereby also making the whole financial planning experience a stress free one.

Varma Pothuri 2

Varma Pothuri

Computer Scientist

IIT Bombay, M.Tech


Bharat Medasani


NIT Calicut & PhD from New Mexico State University

kathira santosh

Kathira Santosh

Strategy advisor

IIM Calcutta


Naveen SPN

Web developer

B.E Computer Science

sunil raju

Sunil Raju

Digital Marketing

B.E Computer Science