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Concentration risk in buying residential property

Real estate price in India have been moving up over the last few decades. The decision to purchase a residential property in India is an expensive one, especially in the metro cities. The median property price for a 2 bhk in metro cities at the end of 2017 was INR 40-50 lakh in an middle class neighborhood. Mumbai and Delhi rank among the most expensive cities in the world to buy residential property, based on multiples of average household [...]



Earning money is important but increasing that money is a smart move. Investment planning is something that nearly every individual who earns, looks at. Property investment is one of the most typical and crucial decisions involved in investment planning. Whether you are buying a family house or a commercial space or a property purely as an investment, it requires a lot of research, awareness, calculations, etc. You need to be sure about what is the purpose of your investment, [...]