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Financial Planning for Newly Married Couples in 8 steps

Why financial Planning for Newly Married Couples is important? Financial Planning for Newly Married Couples is very important. Especially in a country like India where marriage is considered to be an institution of great traditional significance. So far, women have not had equal financial leverage in a marriage. But with many women being employed now and rising incomes, it has become very important for modern Indian couples undertake Comprehensive financial planning. The vows have been exchanged. The honeymoon is over. Now [...]


How to choose your financial planner in India?

There any many financial planners in the indian market. Quite a few are driven by product commission from banks, insurance companies and mutual funds. Some of them may even offer Financial Planning services for free (avoid them). So how should you choose your financial planning? What are the parameters that you should consider before finalizing one? How do you compare two financial planners?1. What qualification does the financial planner have ? When choosing a financial planner, make sure they have [...]