Quiz to evaluate your financial planner

finvizer quiz to evaluate your financial planner

Whether your financial planner is really the one who can put the most accurate financial plan, evaluate your financial planner

It always amazes me that people will spend more time researching a new restaurant then choosing an investment advisor full stop the world of financial advice contains Maria traps for the initiator uninitiated and it's always smart to do some comparison shopping before choosing and advisory firm to manage your life savings the quiz below is meant to compliment your research process or help you to SS existing Advisors a high score should give you a greater level of comfort while a low score should be a cause for concern as a starting point This questions can be very useful in any Frank discussion with an advisor

Is the Advisors firm registered with the ACC and did the advisor pass series 65 exam

Does the advisor have one of the following professional designations or an equivalent and can this be verified independently question mark certified financial planner certified financial analyst next.

Is your advisor required to adhere to a fiduciary standard which requires that they put their clients interest about their own

Is your advisor required to disclose conflict of interest in their advice and will they verify this in writing

Would you buy a used car from the advisor and would you recommend that your mother or best friend ko invest with the same advisor question mark

Is the advisor registered and regulated in India know where you can file a complaint if needed

Does the advisor provide comprehensive International / cross-border financial planning advice or only sell investment products

Does the advisor recommend products with low Commission like index funds exedra or products with high commission like ULIPS and

Has your advisor bean with his or her firm for more than 5 years and

Are you a typical client of the firm in other words does the firm specialise in working with clients like you

Are there any early termination or withdrawal penalties for the recommended Investments other than the loss of value due to market fluctuations

can you file written complaints online about the phone or they advisor

Did the advisor contact you by cold call

Does the advisor of the firm have the authority to take money out of your account other than their fees and

Does the advisor get paid a Commission based on the advice they are giving or the products they are selling enter

is the advisor recommending only one fund based on its best performance inter

If the advisor gets a Commission is it above 2% of the value of what you are investing inter

Will the advisor pay a referral fee to anyone if you invest with them