How to know your IPO Allotment Status?

What is an IPO or Initial Public Offering?

Before we discuss how to check IPO allotment status online, let’s understand what an IPO is. When a private company decides to raise funds from public, it launches a public IPO. Companies usually offer stocks or equity shares to common people in return for their money. The company is then expected to generate returns on the equity capital and stock investments do come with multiple benefits and risks. If you are going to invest into the stock market, you should not forget learning how to check IPO allotment status online.

How to know your IPO Allotment Status or check IPO allotment online?

Method 1 – Using the Registrar Website

If you have applied for an IPO and eager to know the allotment status, you have to visit the website of Registrar of the Issue. You can get information about registrar and date of allotment from Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP).
Following are the steps to be followed to know your IPO Allotment Status :

Step 1 – Visit IPO allotment link on Registrar’s website. Some of the leading Share Registrar’s are as below:
[1] Link intime Pvt Ltd – check IPO allotment status
[2] Karvy Computershare
[3] Bigshare Services Pvt Ltd

Step 2 – Once you are in the above registar website, Follow the below process:

  1. Select the “PAN No” button
  2. Provide your PAN Number
  3. Enter Captcha Text
  4. Click on “Search” Button
  5. Your allotment details will then be displayed on screen.

Method 2 – Using the Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) official Website

BSE has made available the facility to investors to view the status of their issue applications on BSE website. This unique facility allows investors to verify the status of their application submitted to Trading Member or SCSB (Self Certified Schedule Banks) provided that Trading Member/ SCSB have uploaded the application on BSE’s book building software – iBBS. If the bid is uploaded on BSE iBBS platform then the investor will get the bid id against each bid. The Investors is required to put combination of his application no. and pan no. and to select Issue name to check the status of his application.
BSE—Status of Issue Application

SEBI has issued circular no. CIR/CFD/14/2012 dated October 04, 2012 regarding Public issues in electronic form and use of nationwide broker network of Stock Exchanges for submitting application forms. The circular inte alia directed the Exchanges to provide following facility to Investors to view the status of their issue applications on the websites of Stock Exchanges.

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When will the shares get credited into my demat account, if my IPO allotment status is positive?

The investor is entitled to receive a Confirmatory Allotment Note (CAN) in case he has been allotted shares within 15 days from the date of closure of a book Built issue. The registrar has to ensure that the Demat credit or refund as applicable is completed within 15 days of the closure of the book built issue.

The shares are transferred to your demat account just before the day of listing of the IPO at the stock exchanges. So when there is a credit in your demat account you will receive SMS from the depository.

You can also check with below link, with your pan card or application number or DP Id number.
BSE—Status of Issue Application

The moment they are allotted you will have credit in your demat account. You will also get intimation from depository agency about allotments.

By what time frame will I get a refund if I am NOT allotted?

The registrar has to ensure that the Demat credit or refund as applicable is completed within 15 days of the closure of the book building process.

How do I verify IPO Application status on BSE?

BSE has provided a facility for investor on its website under section Investor Services -Application Status Check
BSE—Status of Issue Application

Steps to verify the Application Status

To verifying the application status Investor is required to select the Issue name and he is required to enter Application No & PAN No (as entered in the Application Form). Upon submission of valid information, the system will provide the detail

How long is the IPO allotment status information on the BSE website available?

The investor can check his application status/information on the BSE website up to one week after the close of the public issue.

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