How to choose your financial planner in India?

There any many financial planners in the indian market. Quite a few are driven by product commission from banks, insurance companies and mutual funds. Some of them may even offer Financial Planning services for free (avoid them). So how should you choose your financial planning? What are the parameters that you should consider before finalizing one? How do you compare two financial planners?

1. What qualification does the financial planner have ?

When choosing a financial planner, make sure they have the necessary qualifications. The simplest way to do this is to narrow your selection to FinVizer members many of whom are Financial Planning professionals who have achieved the highest financial planning qualification worldwide.

2. What experience do they have ?

Experience is an important consideration in choosing any professional. Ask how long the financial planner has been in practice, the number and types of firms with which they have been associated, and how their work experience relates to their current practice. FinVizer members have an average experience of 10 years in financial planning.

3. What do Financial Planner specialize in ?

Different financial planners have specific expertise in different areas, for example investment or retirement planning. Some are only able to advise on limited areas, so you need to make sure that your financial planner is qualified in the areas that are relevant to you.

4. How do they charge for their services ?

A reputed and genuine financial planner will charge a fee that is clear and upfront. This avoids conflict of interest which in inherent in a product/commission driven culture. Beware of those who offer free services – they can be very expensive in long run. The cost to you will depend on the complexity of your Financial Planning and situation, as well as the fee method the planner uses. Unlike other financial planners, FinVizer members abide by a remuneration policy that ensures any fees you pay are clear and upfront. They are also covered by a 100% money back guarantee offered by FinVizer.

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