General Requirements – Video Consultation

In case of any questions about the below, please email – support (at) finvizer(dot)com

  1. It is recommended to login to your assigned video conference room, at least 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment. This will give you time to test if everything is working fine.
  2. Please dress in a formal attire even for the virtual consultation. This is a professional platform and we believe that our clients and planners will help us maintain the required atmosphere.
  3. Please be available in a quiet place with good lighting, so that you are NOT disturbed during the video conference with the consultant. Your time is very valuable and so is the time of our financial planner.
  4. Keep the microphone muted when you are not participating in a conference when no one is speaking from your end.
  5. Avoid excessive movement during the conference. This has a direct impact on the performance of the video quality received at the remote end.
  6. Please don’t disturb/touch the microphone while the session is going on
  7. Switch off the Mobile Phones while VC session is on.
  8. Always use a one ­color background curtain or wall for better video quality.
  9. Don’t move the Camera, while the VC session is going on.
  10. During the conference:
    1. Make eye contact and look directly at the camera.
    2. Identify yourself by giving your name and location ONLY.
    3. DO NOT share your contact information like mobile number, email id etc
    4. If you can’t see or hear someone speaking very well, feel free to ask him or her to move into camera range or have them speak louder or get closer to the microphone. If the person is speaking too loud ask them to back away from the microphone. If you still have a problem, please check Technical Requirements or FAQ – Video Consultation
  11. When you are finished, hang up.