You will receive an official, signed financial plan on the letterhead of the FinVizer partner that you have chosen. So in essence, you will receive a document ( in either digital/paper format ) as the final output from the financial planning process.

First you have to select the product which you would like to purchase. This will show a master list of financial planners. You can then zoom in on the right advisor for you using the location, price etc filters. If you are unable to decide, you can always call us to recieve professional help.

  • Basic products are for people with annual household income less than 1 crore.
  • Intermediate products are for people with annual household income more than 1 crore but less then 2 crore.
  • Advanced Products are for households with annual income more than 2 crore.

The amount of time, effort required for scientific financial planning and the complexity handled by the FinVizer partner, will vary depending on the customer sources of income and requirements.

In addition, as per Indian financial regulations, there are certain restrictions on advanced financial products like derivatives, structured products being offered to retail customers and may only be allowed to be offered to HNI’s etc. Hence we have devised the above classification to offer appropriate products for each category

Congratulations ! You are one step closer to securing your financial future. Book an appointment with your advisor using the “Order Now” button and making the required payment. Our customercare representative will then call you back, to schedule an appointment with your advisor within 7 days. You can either visit the financial planner directly or schedule a video conference, using our safe and secure platform

We use bank grade 128-bit encryption on our website to provide a secure payment service. All payments are processed using industrial grade top-notch security, for your peace of mind.

FinVizer offers a 100% complete refund of your payment, if you are not happy with the service provided by your chosen financial advisor (subject to terms and conditions). We strongly recommend that clients first purchase the basic product – “General Financial Checkup” with their chosen advisor. This will enable both parties to assess each others capabilities and ensure a smooth long term relationship.

Free advice can be very expensive, especially in financial matters. So please try to think why he is providing a free product? Is he making a commission on the investments made by you? Does he have your best interests at heart?

We believe our rates are market competitive given the independent and integrated service, advanced technology platform and convenience provided by FinVizer. All our charges are upfront and all inclusive. No hidden games here.

FinVizer’s financial planners are fully equipped with safe and secure video conferencing facilities. Our advanced technology will help our planners to serve you no matter which part of the world you are located. You can specify the delivery channel of your preference when you select the financial advisor.

FinVizer will always keep your personal and financial data secure. Please read our privacy policy for more details. Our partner financial advisers are also bound a confidentiality agreement with FinVizer. This is in additional to the client confidentiality agreement that they will sign with you, at the initiation of the engagement.