FAQ – Video Consultation

Here are some FAQ with respect to Finvizer’s Video consultation.
In case of any questions about the below, please email – support (at) finvizer(dot)com

  1. How do I test my audio and video connections?
    You can test out your audio and video connection using Skype. Just login to Skype and make a test call. If your audio and video work on Skype, they will mostly work on FinVizer’s video conferencing platform.
  2. Audio is not working. What should I do?
    Please check if your mic is working. Also ensure, that your speakers and mic are not muted using Windows control panel. You can also try using a headset with mic and see if that works. Make sure you are using your desktop/laptop. Mobile may NOT work.
  3. Webcam is requesting permission. What should I do?
    Please allow permission. Else video consultation will NOT work
  4. Can I share my contact details with the client/planner?
    Please do NOT share your contact details. It is against the FinVizer terms of service. We take our client privacy policy very seriously.