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7 tips to find the best Home Loan Or Mortgage

How to find the best home loan or mortgage? Searching for a home and buying it is indeed one of the biggest decisions of one’s life and so is finding an optimal home loan or mortgage. You do not buy a home every day so the decision taken today will go with you for a long period of time and once taken, can not be easily reversed. Therefore it becomes very important for one to take a very smart, researched [...]


Gold investment option in India – Should you buy?

Gold and India have a very long history. Gold investment option is one of the most preferred by Indians. Gold has its presence in the country since Gupta dynasty. Gold coins were first introduced during that period. Since then it has been very popular in the society. Among all the precious gems and stones, gold jewelry is highly preferred and widely used. Though it is very hard to estimate private gold ownership, sources believe it to be around 15,000 [...]


Retirement Planning- It’s more than just money

Whenever we hear of retirement planning, what we generally infer is getting a financial plan that will make us financially independent after the age of 60. Though it does involve referring your financial adviser to help you manage your funds and investments, it does not limit to this only. Take a look at your present life and wonder what makes it so beautiful, interesting and lively. You may come up with answers like- the lifestyle I follow or the [...]


10 reasons why you need financial plan in India

Most people think financial planning is ONLY for the rich. They ask – why do I need financial planning? Nothing could be farther from the truth. Rich or poor, big or small, financial planning can benefit all Indians. Just like everyone needs to see a doctor at some point in life, the need is the same with a financial planner. Numbers can vary. But everyone has income, expenses, assets, liabilities and risk factors. We all love our children the [...]

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India’s First financial advisory marketplace “FinVizer” FinVizer is an online platform to search, compare and find your trusted financial advisor. We offer a complete bouquet of financial planning products in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bengaluru. It provides a comprehensive financial advisory and planning platform connecting consumers to independent, qualified financial advisors. It provides the complete range of financial advisory products from beginner products like basic tax planning to advanced products like estate planning, all under one roof. Scientific Analysis, Research, and Plans for you and [...]