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How to choose your financial planner in India?

There any many financial planners in the indian market. Quite a few are driven by product commission from banks, insurance companies and mutual funds. Some of them may even offer Financial Planning services for free (avoid them). So how should you choose your financial planning? What are the parameters that you should consider before finalizing one? How do you compare two financial planners? 1. What qualification does the financial planner have ? When choosing a financial planner, make sure they have [...]

Chennai -FinVizer launched

Chennai -FinVizer marks it presence at the capital of Tamil Nadu

The Chennai -FinVizer office was launched to provide more support and facilities. Chennai -FinVizer provides the complete financial solution, and have come up with the most vital plans after years of experienced research Comprehensive Financial Plan General Financial Checkup Tax plan Retirement plan Investment plan Insurance plan With its outstanding set of experienced and independent financial advisors, FinVizer provides a new wealth creation partner to the residents of Chennai. All the FinVizer planners in Chennai offer services in the local language also, that can be ordered from the FinVizer [...]