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Why Life Insurance Is Very Important Before Investing Money

Life Insurance and its Importance in Present Time Life is unpredictable. While one moment, you will be the happiest you have ever been in your life but the other moment can bring sadness as well. We can never predict what happens next in our life. Due to this unpredictability of life, life insurance is important for us. Have you ever imagined how life would be for your family after you are not around. Who will support the family? Who will pay [...]


5 Disadvantages of NOT having Life Insurance

Life Insurance – Disadvantages of not having one. There are many Life Insurance Disadvantages, as the Indian population, is a kind of business contract that mainly benefits the insurers and the insurance agents, which affect the percentage of life insurance penetration in India, as compared to the other countries in the world. According to statistics, in the year 2016, only 10% of Indians are under life insurance coverage.  The percentage is striking because it reflects the lack of insurance literacy among [...]