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Insurance: Are you covered? best insurance types.

Recently, I spoke to a IIT friend who wanted some advice about insurance. He had purchased an insurance policy with best insurance types in 2007 with the below features: Sum assured for life insurance purpose = 10 lakh Annual Premium = 50,000 rupees Policy term = 21 years Money back amount of 21 lakh after paying the above premium for the policy term. This was the only insurance policy he had even though he earned very well. I was surprised by the highly inadequate cover [...]


7 tips to find the best Home Loan Or Mortgage

How to find the best home loan or mortgage? Searching for a home and buying it is indeed one of the biggest decisions of one’s life and so is finding an optimal home loan or mortgage. You do not buy a home every day so the decision taken today will go with you for a long period of time and once taken, can not be easily reversed. Therefore it becomes very important for one to take a very smart, researched [...]